April 21-23

10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.

Computer Lab, Administrative Bloc

Gaming Competition


A gamer is not just a regular person, he is one with abilities to coordinate his mind with the rules of the game. Gaming is passion. It is a platform where he can show his skills, overcome the obstacles and overpower his opponents. And ADUJ 2017 is the platform to display one's skills.

There will be 4 different games to choose from including 1 team game: FIFA 15, NFS Most Wanted, Tekken 6, Counter Strike 1.6. The winner of these games will win prize money apart from the glory.

So are you ready to win this war? If yes, then gear up and choose your biggest weapon as it is not just a game but a showmanship of skills and experience. Don't be an amateur, be a pro!!! 

And always remember “Gamers don’t die, They RESPAWN”



  • Individual Games: 

           FIFA:  INR 2000/
           NFS:   INR 2000/
           TEKKEN: INR 2000/

  •  Team 

    Counter Strike: INR 10,000/









Simanta Rabha
Coordinator (Respawn)

Deep Seng Shyam
Co-Coordinator (Respawn)

Shekhar Singh

Rules and Procedures