April 21-22

10:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M.

Lecture Gallery, Academic Bloc

Creative writing competition


Innovate!!...That is what life is all about, the day a civilization retreats to its Monotonous ways, it ceases to evolve. 

NLUJA gives you this once in a lifetime opportunity (well not literally, but to sound creative) to come and showcase your creativity in front of this carnival celebrating the Uniqueness of the eight states, come be a part of ADUJ and show the world what it has never seen before, let's see if you can trend a new trend in this trendy world creativity, where Trends succeed every creative work of words.

Be a part of our three different events in the creative writing category, which includes a conventional essay writing competition, and two more competitions to titled as Pic-o-Tale and Word-o-Mania. Get your thinking caps on and participate!


1. Essay Writing (Bilingual)


1st Prize    INR 5,000
2nd Prize  INR 3,000
3rd Prize   INR 1,500



1st Prize    INR 5,000 
2nd Prize  INR 3,000
3rd Prize   INR 1,500 


2. Pic O Tale

1st Prize    INR 3,000
2nd Prize  INR 2,000
3rd Prize   INR 1,000


3. Word O Mania 

1st Prize    INR 3,000
2nd Prize  INR 2,000
3rd Prize   INR 1,000



Shradhanjali Sarma 
Coordinator (Fabrico)




Rules and Procedures