High Voltage


Battle of The Bands




'High Voltage' is a platform which will provide twenty shortlisted bands the chance to showcase their musical prowess. Genre no bar, this competition is aimed at providing the most promising band a potential launch pad for their sonic journey. So, if you think you’ve got it in you, get your guitars out of your basements and hit the jam pad, 'cause you really don't want to miss out on this one shot at melting some faces and rocking out through the night.


Best Performing Band: ₹ 25,000/-
Second Best Performing Band: ₹ 10,000/-





Debayan Banerjee                                       Shibam Talukdar
+91 84738 73929                                          +91 94353 83808
dbanerjee@nluassam.ac.in                     shibamtalukdar@nluassam.ac.in






• Registrations shall be made through the website www.aduj.in.

• Entry fee for each participating band shall be Rupees One Thousand (1000) during registration and Rupees One Hundred (100) for each participant upon arrival to the festival.

• The bank transaction number must be produced at the time of the event. In case of any discrepancy, the money transfer receipt must be saved or pictured so as to determine similarity.



• There shall be three rounds. The first will be the selection round, the second will be the preliminary round and the third will be the final round. The best 20 bands will be selected for the preliminary round by the event committee, along with 1 wait-listed band. The finals shall have the best 5 bands selected from the preliminary round.

• The amount paid for registration shall be returned back to the respective rejected bands within 24 hours of announcement.

• Upon removal from the wait-list, the entry fee shall be returned back to the concerned band(s) within 24 hours.

The bands shall be judged on the following criteria:

1. Stage performance
2. Overall sound
3. Originality
4. Skill



• The number of members in each participating band shall be at least three (3) and not exceeding seven (7).

• There are no restrictions on genre.

• No member shall play for more than one band for the event.

• The time limit for the performance of each selected band during the preliminary round shall be exactly eighteen (18) minutes including their setup and soundcheck.

• For the preliminary round, each selected band shall have to perform a minimum of two songs, out of which at least one shall be original.

• The time limit for the performance of each participating band during the final round shall be twenty six (26) minutes including their setup and soundcheck.

• For the final round, each band shall have to perform a minimum of three songs, out of which at least one shall be original. Replaying the same original may result in a decrease of winning chances.

• Soundcheck will be supervised by the event committee.

• Sound samples and background foley may be used, upon review and acceptance from the event committee.

• Participants shall bring their own instruments. Quality amplifiers with adjustable EQ knobs, a natural sounding drum-kit and three Shure SM58 vocal microphones will be provided. The mixer board will have a delay and/or reverb module included.

• Use of abusive language shall not be entertained. Abusive words or phrases may be silenced.

• Event updates will be uploaded to www.facebook.com/nluaaduj/



Following are the grounds of disqualification of any selected band from the competition:

1. Failure to deposit entry fee.
2. Failure to arrive backstage at the time of performance
3. Display of vulgar or indecent gestures on stage.
4. Intoxication in any form.
5. Throwing of any kind of substance on any person or on the crowd.
6. Disregard for the general code of conduct for the festival.
7. Fraud, forgery or alterations made to registration portfolio.



In lieu of the aforementioned matters, in case of any dispute, the decision of the event committee co-ordinator shall be final and binding. Winner and runner-up selected by judges shall be final and binding. Any contempt of the decision shall warrant eviction from campus premises and cancellation of any rewards. The university does not take responsibility in case of any loss or damage to instruments and/or personal belongings. There shall be no negotiations with the entry fee or ticket price. Rules are subject to change at moment’s notice. In case of any direct confrontation with the crowd whilst performing, the band shall be given utmost priority, and the nuisance shall be removed promptly. Being musicians, the event committee for High Voltage realises your needs, the security of your beloved instruments and the importance of your talent in and during the event and therefore all due respect shall be meted out to the participating bands and supported thoroughly. The event encourages powerful performances.


We wish all the participating bands the very best.